Hanacek for CUSD

Amy Hanacek for CUSD


Why Amy Hanacek is Running

I am running for re-election because I believe that maintaining strong leadership, a clear focus on student achievement and fundamentals, and nurturing healthy schools leads directly to vibrant, safe communities. CUSD is recognized as the highest performing public school district in California and all students graduate with an implementable future plan. During my tenure as Board President, we experienced unprecedented growth in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math and have worked diligently to address our students social and emotional well being adding 30 additional counselors. I serve on the College and Career Advantage Board providing high quality career technical education, internships and partnership opportunities producing the next generation of  innovators and productive citizens. In the fall, we are opening a comprehensive College and Career Center designed to meet the needs of all students and busy parents.

As a retired small business owner, I understand the importance of sound budgeting and prudent fiscal policies and I am keenly aware of the positive impact successful local schools have on property values. I will continue to strengthen the quality of our educational programs and effectiveness of our schools to protect our investment in our children, homes, and  neighborhoods. Thank you for your support.


I serve to strengthen the direct correlation between strong, healthy schools and vibrant, safe communities.

As an involved parent of two CUSD graduates, I witnessed firsthand what our Founding Fathers knew: public education is essential to our country's common good. I am a proven qualified leader motivated to support and enhance our public schools' mission, "creating productive citizens through a quality education." My personal mission is to focus on the needs of all students while conserving and carefully spending our precious resources. Together, these goals will not only benefit our children, but also the entire community.

Realtors often mention the quality of an area's schools because good schools signify a safe and caring community. As a proud Capistrano Beach retired small business owner and long time resident, I am keenly aware of the positive impact successful local schools have on property values and how they maintain the vitality of communities. My commitment to my neighbors in our coastal communities and to the CUSD community at large is to enhance the academic strength and quality of Capistrano Unified School District schools and to protect our investment in our homes and neighborhoods.

I will utilize my background as a small business owner and experienced board member to practice fiscal prudence and initiate innovative fundraising while working tirelessly to maximize every possible resource and keep those resources in the classrooms and for our students. Despite the severe fiscal challenges created by Sacramento, I will continue to work to provide our children with the maximum educational opportunities available so that they may pursue their college and career goals.

Although we live in challenging times, our children deserve what we enjoyed - a quality public education that provides unlimited opportunities to excel. I will do my best to continue to foster an environment of excellence in all areas of public education and remain committed to our children so that they may become the innovators and good neighbors of the 21st century.


More About Amy

Amy Hanacek is originally from Tucson, Arizona where she attended the University of Arizona concentrating in Business and Public Administration. Amy moved to Southern California in her early 20's and continued her business studies transitioning into positions with DeLorean Motor Company and Mitsubishi Motor Sales of America. Entrepreneurs by nature, Amy and husband David became one of the first pioneers in the custom closet industry and have since launched several other successful small businesses both together and separately.

As a non-native, Amy is extremely appreciative and grateful for the opportunity to live along the beautiful Southern California coast. She and her husband have owned property in the Capistrano Beach area for over 30 years. They are the proud parents of two sons, John and Joe, both graduates from San Clemente High School. John holds an undergraduate degree in International Political Science from UC San Diego and a Masters in Communications, Culture & Technology from Georgetown University. Joe is finishing his degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Both sons have exemplified her passion for the ocean by playing water polo, swimming competitively and working as California State Lifeguards through High School and College.

Amy has shown her commitment to her sons' schools through countless hours of volunteerism both inside and outside of the classroom. She has cherished her time as a room parent, Carnival Chair, Library aide, and High School PTSA President. Amy was elected to the Capistrano Unified School District Board of Education in 2012 and views her position as an extension of community service and as a servant leader to the young people and to the communities in which they reside.

Amy is committed to enhancing the strength of our schools and the health and welfare of our communities. She is on her second term serving as board member for College and Career Advantage (formerly South Coast ROP) providing relevant cutting edge career technical education and college/career pathways for High School students and adults. She is also serving an integral role in the launch of the comprehensive College and Career Center at the Mission Viejo Mall serving the needs of 21st century students and their busy families.


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