Dear Constituents of the Capistrano Unified School District:

As an involved parent of two CUSD graduates, I witnessed firsthand what our Founding Fathers knew:  public education is essential to our country’s common good. I feel both qualified and motivated to support and enhance our public schools’ mission, “creating productive citizens through a quality education.” My personal mission is to focus on the needs of all students while conserving and carefully spending our precious resources. Together, these goals will not only benefit our children, but also the entire community.

Realtors often mention the quality of an area’s schools because good schools signify a safe and caring community. As a 30 year property owner in the south county area, I feel it’s my civic duty to help strengthen our community by supporting public schools. I will utilize my background as a small business owner to practice fiscal prudence and initiate innovative fundraising while working tirelessly to maximize every possible resource.

Although we live in challenging times, our children deserve what we enjoyed – a quality public education that provides unlimited opportunities to excel. I will do my best to foster an environment of excellence in all areas of public education and remain committed to our children so that they may become the innovators and good neighbors of the 21st century.

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